Kgatelopele Makua

Human population unspeakable danger   Without shying away from calling a spade a spade. Every intellectual is trying to avoid this issue but let’s just face it this time, of cause I might sound hypocritical but let’s just face it. Human population is equally problematic to global warming. Regardless of […]

Human population unspeakable danger

  How far can you trace your backround? Before I embark on writing about a few areas of Makua traditions I must confess outright that I shall be unable to narrate conclusively all Makua traditions since such an experience would require years of extensive research and given my non-existence financial […]

Know the Makua people.

This document is written and compiled for Eco-Sustainable Activism Practices reference purposes. This is the township based Environmental Action-ship Profiled documented at Tembisa between year 2010 and 2012 for record keeping and tracking on the progress made on environmental development initiatives as well as linking with ongoing environmental programmes and […]

Eco-Sustainable Activism Practices

Naturally Naturally a thing before first things. Nature was here first when you put it first you automatically allow natural orchestrations of order in your life to advance the current course of your livelihood. Naturally the environment can live without us. Naturally mankind can’t live without the environment. A thing […]

Be Eco-Wise

Wake-up from being awake. Economic freedom in the blink of an eye, thus we’ll have it in our life time. Like it or not planet earth is facing economic disasters, created by our greediness and our own foolish and corrupt education that instigate planetary degradation by generating careers just for […]

Free_Thin-King opens the truth

Listening to the silent talk Page4-8 Extracted from Free-Thin-King It’s too much, we have to listen to our inner-voice now, this expect say this and this book say that everyone want to tell us to follow certain ways of living our own lives, because we are so desperate we just follow and […]

Listening to the silent talk