Jared Shippel

Hi Everyone, We are looking for excellent facilitators, who are able to facilitate FAIS compliance and RE workshops for individuals who will be required to complete the examination. It is preferable that facilitators are able to speak and facilitate in several different languages. Please send your CVs to jared@kvrtraining.com, as […]

FAIS and RE Facilitator Required

Learning and development is paramount if businesses and people are to succeed. It is that simple! What is not simple is what types of adult-based education are most appropriate; what combinations of interventions are most valuable; and what is needed most within companies from a skills perspective. These are just some […]

So Many Options – Which Do I Choose?

Following my previous blog a friend of mine said that they would like to read something that is uniquely Qhubeka Consulting and this got me thinking. What makes a business unique? Do we have to be unique? How do we create something new, fresh and different, when there is “nothing […]

Do We Have To Be Unique?