Gail Dawson

Thank you everyone for your input and advice!! I acknowledge Des’s information regarding the Law making provision for the protection of non-smokers, and the possibility of Designated smoking areas. Should a company decise it would designate a smoking area: A allocation of space with adaquate ventilation must be provided, Health […]

Alternative to Designated Smoking Areas

As it is no secret, I am Job seeking. Anyway, last week, I went for an interview at an Employment Agency and was enthusiastically greeted when I entered, whereby, the lady who welcomed me in asks me to take a seat, and I thanked her and took a seat. She […]


I was confronted with a dilima where previous Management allowed employees to take ad hoc smoke breaks, which meant that when the craving came, they went!  Not only the Office workers but also the factory employees, they would pop outside and puff-away.. If an office worker takes a smoke break […]

Smoke breaks taken by Office Employees