Dr Wynand Goosen

Training and education programmes often lack organizational integration. Training is quite often geared to supply the person with skills that are only task orientated, without taking into consideration the aspect of total person development. Staff is often being trained in a vacuum resulting in a situation where they are capable […]


The development of a Meta Business Framework suggests a business consciousness that recognizes the role of thinking and the development of alternative realities that recognizes the evolution of humanity. Meta Business suggests that business honours the relationship between mind and matter as well as the interconnectedness of all things. Thus, […]

What is Meta Business?

A philosopher, Benedictus Spinoza, who lived between 1632 and 1677, said: “by substance I understand what is in itself and is conceived through itself, that is, that whose concept does not require the concept of another thing, from which it must be formed” (Law, 2007: 77). Thus, understanding the original, […]

Think about Thinking

The High Level Aware Manager (Hlam) has developed an ability to distinguish between relationship issues in the workplace and social context. The Hlam understands the role, place and even benefits of diversity and can capitalize on divergent thinking. In the case of workplace conflicts, the Hlam will unpack the issues […]

High Level Aware Managers (Hlam)

Be the Spider in the web Business systems, like spider webs, have to be activated by effort, managed, operated and used in order to be effective. No matter how clever or strong the spider is, if she is not on her web, she could loose valuable opportunity. The manager needs […]

Be the Spider on the Web

In an organisational context, the vision process is used to design and align individual visions to the main purpose of the organisation. Thus, the workplace has become the place where visions are given execution, where purpose is expressed and new realities are evolved based on the collective and individual thought […]

The Vision Process