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Rims Pty Ltd is taking in applications for a very exciting New Venture Creation learnership. If you are interested in a unique opportunity to grow into your own business, hard working and serious about your development, we have the solution for you. Candidates must have a matric, and must pass […]

NVC Learnerships available

  Sokana(2010:1) quoted African National Congress (ANC) Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe, to say that “Education will solve poverty, unemployment and growing inequalities in South Africa. Education comes up as a priority in solving all these problems. It enabled people to break the chain of poverty and contribute to the economy. […]

Evolve to E- Learning Model for Education

We train, to no avail because we don’t address thinking preferences… Thinking skills determines performance, not technical skills! Steve Biko said psychological change before anything else… We need to raise managerial awareness levels in the workplace in order to create an inspired workforce The way we think determines our future, […]

Remember the Future?

Study Tips…   It comes slowly. Everyone knows it is coming. We all anticipate it. We sort of expect it. Some of us secretly hope for an alien intervention to prevent it from happening…but alas, Exams come like a thief in the night and robs you from your sanity. Your […]

Study Tips…

If a strategic plan can be used to determine the required human capital, and industry experience is used as credit in an integrated system, it implies that there could be a link between skills, performance and eventually, certification. Skill (techne in Greek) is used to denote expertise developed in the […]

Skills, performance and certification