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I specialise in Employment Equity and Skills Development issues. Qualified facilitator, assessor, moderator, verifier and SDF. Available for any related assignments and or freelance work. If ou have a need let's meet to discuss. Quotes for training on request.

The Workplace skills plan (WSP) is intended to document skills needs in a company and to describe the range of skills development interventions that the company will use to address these needs.  A WSP must be developed and submitted every year in order to comply with current Skills Development legislation. […]

A WSP workshop with a difference

I write this verse to say to all All women who might read That you are loved and treasured Despite what you might feel We sometimes fail to let you know How proud we are of you We treat you like you don’t exist We fail to recognise We take […]

National Woman’s day 2017

Gender transformation and gender equity is still problematic in South Africa. To the best of my knowledge the Gender Equity Bill missed its deadline in 2015 and nothing much has happened since then (correct me if I am mistaken please). The EE Act does assist in the area of Gender […]

Gender transformation in the workplace

Concluding remarks from the above article – your comments would be most welcome. Is RPL alive and are the RPL objectives been met? RPL offers people previously and currently disadvantaged in South Africa, a chance to access and progress in the system for education, training, development and work – for their […]

the National ...

Workplace forums in a nutshell It is recommended that workplace forums should be formed when there are more than 100 employees.  They promote the interests of the workers by means of consultation and making joint decisions. Employers must provide workplace forums with all relevant information. The functions of workplace forums are […]

Workplace forums

The 17th commission on Employment Equity Report was released last week and shows very little progress towards the achievement of change. Why is this and why are companies not responding and doing more? In looking over the reports for the past few years I must admit the statistics if correct […]

Employment Equity problems and solutions

Making a decision about the right training for your organisation depends on a number of factors – identifying business needs, the needs of the employees and the recognition of existing skill levels.   Assess your needs   Making a decision about the right training for your organisation depends on a […]

Assessing employee training needs