Chris Reay

Africa’s largest economy, South Africa, is boasting the highest unemployment ratio on the continent, with almost 60% of people being unemployed and 25% choosing not to participate in the country’s economy. Economist Mike Schussler, who presented the ‘2010 Uasa South African employment report’ in Johannesburg on Thursday, said that, in […]

Skills and unemployment: we have to stop this decline.

The great equaliser ….OR….. How not to develop a nation (Some may have seen this, but it is worth noting that it does make a point) An economics professor at a local college made the statement that he had never failed a single student before but had once failed an […]

A lesson for the socialists

A recent Supreme Court of Appeal judgment in a case involving the Tswane Metro should be read by all concerned with the challenge of maintaining standards and blindly implementing employment equity requirements. It primarily covers the rights employees have to communicate their concerns when they believe ignoring standards will have […]

An important legal precedent

A recent Indaba on the service delivery protests included the comments below: The turn-around strategy would be submitted to Cabinet by December this year and municipalities were expected to formulate their own specific strategies, within the framework of the national turn-around plan by March next year. The indaba comes in […]

Skills and service delivery riots

I would recommend everyone reading the exercise recently carried out (by a large discussion group) known as the Dinokeng Scenarios. It will make you think and probably scare you to bits……..but best one knows what the potential future possibilities are. A particularly serious issue is the impact that global competition […]

The Dinokeng Scenarios