Chantel Harris

Ever heard that your employees are your greatest asset? It’s a popular belief because it’s completely true. You want a high-performing, goal-smashing company? You are going to need high-performing, goal-smashing employees. And you might find that you have actually done pretty well by hiring the team you have. Are they […]

3 ways to keep your employees pumped up

Medical aids, hospital plans, medical insurance and so on can make your head spin. Having some kind of medical cover is vital and yet navigating your way through what each option means and how it assists you, is tricky. Every single medical cover company has different options and a variety […]

What is medical insurance?

Despite some of the best legislation in the world, South African industries leave hundreds dead or maimed, every year. Employers need to maintain a healthy work environment and employees need to be protected, both physically and against unscrupulous employer behaviour. Serious injuries in the workplace are far too common. Of […]

Top ten workplace injuries