Cas Olivier

Teaching is about engaging with learners. Engaging implies serious dialogue with the INNER SPEECH of learners.  If INNER SPEECH is ignored, our learners end up in being #Visuallydeaf or #Auditoryblind  There is a solution for parents and teachers:

The power of managing INNER SPEECH when teaching

Explaining which is also known as KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER is a content-driven approach which does not focus on the process of learning, and is probably only directed at achieving the first three cognitive levels of Bloom’s taxonomy, namely knowing, understanding and applying.   Little or no room is left for in-depth […]

“Knowledge transfer” is an illusion

  The current pass rates of the South African education system needs to be addressed. The 1st Annual National FET Conference 2013 is to be instrumental in decreasing the failure and dropout rates and consequently improve the throughput rates in line with the vision of the National Development Plan. The […]

Why mobilize towards successful teaching?