Caitlin Smythe

I read this list (written by John Taylor Gatto) on Yes! Magazine and thought I’d share. It just seemed so coherent and honest to me. Really educated people … • Establish an individual set of values but recognize those of the surrounding community and of the various cultures of the […]

What really educated people know

John Gilmour has done impressive work for basic education in the Western Cape. Through his not-for-profit Leap Science and Maths Schools – with initial funding from the Shuttleworth Foundation – the school has achieved a matric pass rate of 94%, with 70% continuing on to tertiary-level education. According to an […]

A giant Leap for education

Minister Blade Nzimande spoke recently about opening entry points to SA universities, which would include mature-age exemptions and re-looking at the matric-certificate route. It is true that universities are expensive, and necessarily privileged. Degrees offer credentials that are verifiable, whether you’ve got the career knowledge or not. They’re almost like […]

A monopoly we might not need

It’s sad that many people go to university before they are aware of the options available to them – in terms of establishing a career and networking a future for themselves. By that same token, it’s good that many go simply to live free of the worries that come with […]

A university wish list

Jack Hough has written a fascinating article on the real value of a four-year university education, in terms of value spent and value gained. Reducing a degree to a financial decision, Hough takes the example of two matriculants – one who earns a degree using a financial loan, and by […]

The value of 4-year degrees