Anthony Kreiner

I recently read a book by Colin Wilson in which he raises the interesting fact of a Dominant Minority: these belong to a group representing 5% of the population, the creative thinkers who challenge systems. Probably made up of self-actualisers. Apparently, this statistic was proved during the Korean War, when […]

Dominant Minority = 5%

The answer is YES. We repress imagination/fantasy because of our fears associated with the unconscious, which is that mysterious space that we have been conditioned to avoid. We know this because PLAY and fantasy make people uncomfortable. One of the reasons is that ego-consciousness is afraid of what personal and […]

Do people fear creativity?

Test your right-brain skills. I am offering a FREE Brain Profile to anyone who can solve the puzzle at Ultimate Puzzle The challenge you face is to discover a thinking process linked to the ancient mysteries: the Green Language, the Philosopher’s Stone, and the Kabbalist’s Daath. There is an innate […]

Ultimate Puzzle – ALT(Mx)

I’ve attached a free e-book to explain the system. NBI is one of the world’s leading batteries. Trainers, consultants, HR professionals, executive coaches, psychologists, business people from all walks of life, students and parents use the NBI products and services to help their clients and themselves take the guesswork out […]

Neethling Brain Instruments