Alan Hill

The Financial Mail reported that banking giant ABSA may be planning to cut 3000 jobs as a result of its business reorganization initiative. The bank has not made an official announcement, but rumours already abound, and employees are concerned about job losses. ABSA has expressed concern that staff costs have […]

The Downside of Downsizing

So there I was – chairing another disciplinary. The iniator was doing his level best to convince me (without success) that the accussed’s infraction merited dismissal. Unfortunately – it was one of those cases of deja vu all over again. I had no doubt that the individual was a problem […]

Lessons from The Broken Window Theory

I found this intersting article in the Verve section of today’s Star newspaper. I didn’t realise how good I have it at my age!  The main points are that : Allegies decline Fewer Migraines Less sweaty More competitive Better sex Fewer colds Sharper minds Less sensitive teeth Better stamina Happier […]

Follow up on the Ageism issue

As a labour consultant – often called in to resolve issues that have already degenerated into a sticky mess – I am often amazed at the poor “conversational” skills exhibited by both junior (to be expected) and senior management. So many of the problems I encounter are the direct result […]

Performance Management Conversations