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The International North South Edtech Conference and Expo will run from the 11th to the 13th of September in Cape Town. The conference will look at the digital disruption of education and training, including ICT capabilities, evolving digital technologies, and skills development needs. Click here for full details

Edtech Conference and Expo

Employment Equity, Diversity and Transformation (EEDT) Practioners’ Forum presents an EE Workshop: 15-16 May 2019 Ensuring full EE Plan Practical Compliance and More… An opportunity to learn practically how to ensure full EE Compliance, prepare for a D-G review and minimise your EE fine risk. CLICK HERE for full details

Employment Equity Workshop

Online learning company Getsmarter made the headlines this year when it was announced, on Skills Universe before anywhere else, that they had been acquired by US online learning giant 2U. The deal was valued at USD104 million and matched Getsmarter’s short courses with the degree and diploma courses offered by […]

Job Vacancies at Getsmarter

Update from Treasury in response to Presidential statement on fee free tertiary education. The Treasury statement indicates that Treasury is considering these proposals, and that there will be further consideration by the Ministerial Budget Committee and the Presidential Fiscal Committee. Any announcements on changes to current tax and spending will […]

Zuma Announces Free Education for Majority