Australian School of Industry Service Management (ASIM) and Professor Daniel G. Fuchs is pleased to announce the launch of its ASI Online E-Learning Program for Service Managers

By drdanielgfuchsphd, 1 July, 2010

Australian School of Industry Service Management (ASIM), a training and consulting provider to the service industry in Australia since 1994,in collaboration with Professor Daniel G. Fuchs, International Hospitality Expert and Professor for Business Studies, are pleased to announce the launch of ASI Online E-Learning Program for Service Managers.

Our mission is to “Provide knowledge and skills to frontline managers wishing to become proactive and visionary managers capable of making a significant contribution to their bottom line results and ensure viability of their service business”.

Organizations today are moving towards flatter management structures, consequently supervisors and frontline managers must be more than good day-to-day managers.

Supervisors and managers traditionally progress to their level as a result of their technical competence and not their leadership skills. However, frontline managers often lack the financial and other business skills as well as leadership skills and the know-how in order to effectively develop their business.

Competition is forcing organizations to be more efficient and competent, and with the current focus on TQM and productivity, managers must be more efficient and able to provide the forward planning and business leadership required for the future.

Brian Simons says: “Service Quality is the Key to winning and keeping customers in today’s competitive business environment. And yet, delivering Consistent Quality Service often falls on the shoulders of under-trained service staff and service managers.

Up skilling service managers and, the service personnel in turn, is the key to delivering Consistent Quality Service. While there are any numbers of general business courses, there is only one course designed by service managers for service managers, the ASI Diploma of Industry and Service Management.

This practical, step-by-step course will guide you through the many aspects of becoming a professional service manager. You will learn what it means to be a leader, how to manage staff and other resources as well as how to prepare and manage a business plan for your service business or service profit centre.”

Whether you are in the service industry or looking at a career change, we recommend that you take a look at the training we provide.

This practical, workshop-style program is written in every day language for easy study and completion. Apart from a couple of specifics, the course content is Universal, World-best frontline management practices and is equally suited to most businesses anywhere in the World.

Our service management training is available in a flexible, modular format, at any time and anywhere. Your ability to learn the skills you need is not limited by the usual academic calendar.

Study options include ASI On-line and correspondence - Distance Learning which means that you can pace yourself to suit your situation and your training requirements.

You can study just one Module that covers the Topic you need, or a Diploma course that covers a series of modules in a progressive up skilling and management qualification.

Take a closer look at the ASI On-line training options that will show you details of each course, including the Syllabus and the investment you need for a future in frontline management.

Brian Simons, CEO of Australian School of Industry Service Management (ASIM), in collaboration with Professor Daniel G. Fuchs, is very excited to have this well-known Hospitality Expert and Professor for Business Studies engaged with a just recent signed MOU.

Professor Fuchs says: “Continuous education and keeping skills current is a must in today’s competitive labor environment. As the professional demands increase on line learning is the ideal platform to increase knowledge and gain credible certification and expertise. As the service industry is without a doubt the fastest growing industry worldwide the importance to deliver customer focused service can not be under estimated. Our courses will equip the professional who studies these with the necessary skill and tools to excel in a fast paced and ever changing service industry.”

About Professor Daniel G. Fuchs:

I am a Swiss national who has been residing in Thailand for 10 years, yet traveled globally on short assignments and consulting projects. Born, raised and educated in Switzerland, with extensive American ( north and south) and Asian hospitality industry and academic experience, make me an effective manager that is capable to bridge any cultural gap.

My work experience extends over 29 years, in a variety of top executive positions both in industry and academia. I enjoy teaching and transferring knowledge to others, and have a keen interest and expertise in organizational development, reorganization (organizational re-engineering) and commercial problem solving and business turnaround. I am a skilled and creative business rehabilitation plan administrator.

Contact me:

Daniel G. Fuchs

373 Mooban Krissadanakorn 18

31 Soi Anyamnee



Bangkok, Thailand 10170


E-mail: [email protected]



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