By janholtzhausen, 4 May, 2011

It's not how smart or intelligent you are that determines how successful you will be in life, but rather your mental attitude and enthusiasm to life that will lead you to your success.

It is not that difficult to have the right attitude when things are going as planned, when your children are doing well and behaving themselves, when the big jobs come in, when there is money coming in. but when things start going wrong, when there is no money in the bank, when you have personal problems at home, then it is not so easy to maintain a winning attitude.

The key to success is, when times are tough, to still maintain a great attitude regardless of what you see in front of you. Remember how your life is today is a result of what you thought and believed yesterday. Your situation today is not how things are now but rather a result of how things were yesterday. Yesterday is done and gone, tomorrow must still come, so concentrate on making today great. 

Maintaining a winning attitude results in our thoughts, actions, words and beliefs remaining constructive and up-building in every situation we face. And that creates success.

To your success.



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