Attention small businesses that fall within BEE status

By bronwynnewman, 28 July, 2009

Black Business Supplier Development Programme
[ Black includes African, Indian and Coloured ]

· Apply Now!

For the government incentive/grant programme designed to assist, establish, promote, and develop your business.
(Black businesses includes African, Indian and Coloured enterprises with a minimum share-ownership of 51%)

· Benefits

The Incentive Programme is an 90:10 cost-sharing grant up to a maximum R125 000 application.

The government grant covers 90% of the amount applied for, while the applicant contributes 10% balance.

· Applicant : Qualifying Criteria

1. Be a majority black-owned business (minimum of 51% share-ownership)

2. Have Black management on staff

3. Be Trading for one year or more

4. Annual turnover for previous financial year must be less than R12 million

5. Be a legal / registered business entity with CIPRO

6. Have a valid tax clearance (certificate)

· The Categories of Grant Assistance

1. Marketing and Advertising Support and Materials

Business cards, brochures, banners, signage, website, market research, etc.

2. Executive Management Skills Training

Training Managers to run the business more effectively

3. Skills Training Courses for General Staff

Improving the technical knowledge and skills of staff for their specific jobs

4. Improving Management Systems in your company

Includes development of business plans for raising finance; scoping and implementing production planning and control; acquisition of software to support systems

5. Any other identified service, product or activity (with motivation)

i.e. motivate why and how the identified intervention(s) will assist in the establishment and development of your business

· Application Procedure

Application is free and facilitated through a government appointed agency

To arrange an appointment: Eileen 031 208 4187
Email: [email protected]


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