ASDSA update to CPD policy

By sylviahammond, 21 November, 2023

The Association for Skills Development in South Africa (ASDSA) is a professional body registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

Therefore, there are certain requirements that registered professional bodies are required to comply with, one of them being to maintain a functioning Continuous Professional Development  (CPD) Policy  to ensure the professional status of their members.  

There are numerous advantages to becoming an ASDSA member. Apart from the sharing of knowledge, information, and experience, members are able to achieve professional designations - also part of the SAQA professional body system - based upon their qualifications, professional work experience, and knowledge. There are three levels of professional recognition, namely: Skills Development Practitioner, Skills Development Technician, and Skills Development Master - representing a progression of personal development.

The ASDSA has issued a policy update to the current CPD policy . A key principle of maintaining professional status is to remain up to date with developments within the domain of work. Everyone who works in skills development will be able to comment on: how quickly systems change; how the steps for accreditation as skills development have evolved; the importance of understanding the definition of a legacy qualification. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand the need to keep up with developments, such as legislative changes. Consequently, the CPD requirements stress learning - gaining knowledge and understanding, and the required points are gained by participating in personal learning activities - and only a very small proportion (10%) is allocated to training others.  

Please see attached for the full details of the policy amendment. 



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