Are Worker's Demands for a double digit figure realistic?

By normanntai, 19 July, 2011


Are Worker’s demands for a double digit figure realistic?

It was interesting to have witnessed how employers are still arrogant in narrowing wage gaps in the current conjuncture through the Media platforms by still advocating that Trade Unions are unrealistic. A question was asked as to whether; Are Worker's demands for a double digit figure realistic?

The toiling masses have always been striving for more for their sweats and on the other hand the captains of capitalism allocate themselves triple the figures without any ‘blinking of eyes’ from any one. And labour power have proved to be a commodity possessed by workers in general within the employment relations milieu should be restored as a necessary valve to regulate power relations between employers and employees.

It is unacceptable for economist analysis interviewed to express a rented view that worker’s demands are ‘unrealistic’ and it is an expression of a dim view to people’s suffering; with many workers unable to afford transport to work, lunch packs and other commodities due to low salaries.

It is embarrassing to have heard an employer’s representative articulating a view that ‘the agreement is a ‘scandal and disappointing’.

And a dim view has always been the usage of the Consumer Price Index [CPI] which currently stand at 4.2% as a ‘thee barometer’ yet when executives and parliamentarians will ‘give’ themselves more than the ‘CPI consideration’.

This continues to show narrow attitude of employers to garner for more profits at the expense of employees getting slavery wages. Such stance displays the hostility of some employers on Trade Union’s existence.

Arguments to pay less wages on the basis that they are committed to job creating is appalling and disingenuous. Whilst the private sector have secured the proposed 10%, it will be divisive for the public service to receive less on the basis that many will argue that “different kinds of labouring power have different values, or require different quantities of labour for their production, they must fetch different prices in the labour market”.

The Unity of the toiling classes in this demanding times will be vital to fight the triple socio-economic ills; unemployment, poverty and inequalities.


A living wage campaign led by COSATU after the 05th Central Executive Committee at Midrand was a necessary step taken to heighten the engines to consolidate working class hegemony. To suggest as per some economist that living wage campaign is ‘unimaginable’, is a superlative degree of pessimism which every worker must join progressive Trade Unions to fight against.

Apartheid wage structure must be flushed into museums of this country!

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. And the struggle continues.....unless all classes are crushed!

Issued by:
Mampane Norman
National Spokesperson
Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union
Tel: 0112424600/4615
Cell: 0720737959
Email: [email protected]
01 Marie Road
Auckland Park



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