Are companies being ripped off by certain training companies and getting away with it?!!

By lancelevin, 25 July, 2016

I am not a regular blogger. However i feel I need to ask you your opinion and therefore i will elaborate on the title above.

There is an important argument against the mandatory ‘comply or else’ framework: a ‘one size fits all’ approach cannot logically be suitable, because the types of business and enterprises carried out by organisations are so varied. Further, the danger is that the governing body may become focused on mindless compliance instead of applying its mind to the best governance practice for the particular issue before it.   (King 4 part 3)

This leads me to the point that certain compliance training has no legal imperative to be updated annually, a practice that many companies are told by the service providers is compulsory to maintain the legal status quo. 

What this also means is that these companies being offered such programmes as Fork lift training, Advanced driving, Occupational Safety Reps, Occupational Safety Coordinators, Working at Heights as many others too that companies are being told  to get updated every year to maintain the accreditation. 

From my 25 years experience.... I feel that this is nonsense. How can accredited programmes, even those that are compliance based become null and void after a year or 2? I do understand the value of keeping updated and informed about changes in policies, amendments, and new ways of applying these, but this is very different from taking advantage of  unsuspecting companies being targeted, many of whom are actually medium sized corporates.

But there is an unspoken understanding that has infiltrated the corporate community through devious minded providers, making a killing on the vulnerabilities of  these companies when it comes to compliance issues. Many of these companies  have been hoodwinked, hooked and reeled in by this strategy.

There are however certain programmes that do need updating for legislative purposes, for example "The Basic First Aid, CPR and Choking" are valid for 2 years. The "First aid Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses" are valid for 3 years. And the "First aid Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3" are accredited by the Department of Labour.

The Generally Accepted Compliance Practice © (GACP) framework consists of principles, standards and guidelines that act as a benchmark for compliance best practice that organisations and their Compliance Officers should apply.

If you could give me feedback on this issue, and if i am wrong, please let me know. But if this is the case, people need to be aware that their training spend does not have to become a form of passive income for these fly by night providers.




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