Always take care when applying for jobs

By bronwynnewman, 5 October, 2011

Recent news stories have covered the actions of a criminal who used Facebook to lure victims. Criminal activity is not limited to one website, or newspaper, but could happen anywhere.

If is imperative that you always take safety precautions when applying for a job, whether you see the job advert on the Skills Portal or any other publication.

There's a good article about how to protect yourself called Beware of Job Hunting Scams which we recommend that you read. Some of the tips include never paying for a job vacancy and never giving all your personal information away to someone you don't know. You must also always guard your personal safety. Don't meet anyone in deserted area - you should be meeting on company premises, during working hours.

We provide the Skills Portal jobs section as a free service to the training and HR community. We review each listing before it appears but we are not able to contact each advertiser before publication - as is the case with all newspapers or other websites. So if you think someone advertising a job vacancy is acting suspiciously rather decline the job. There will be other jobs in the future from reputable companies.

If you would like to advertise a job vacancy you can use our free service and make details of your vacancy available to our 70 000 monthly readers. Click on this link to make your free listing. We only accept listing for actual job vacancies and can't place adverts for people looking for work.



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