Alternative to Designated Smoking Areas

By gaildawson, 27 January, 2011

Thank you everyone for your input and advice!! I acknowledge Des's information regarding the Law making provision for the protection of non-smokers, and the possibility of Designated smoking areas. Should a company decise it would designate a smoking area: A allocation of space with adaquate ventilation must be provided, Health and Safety regulations then come into play, fire extinguishers etc., extra cleaning, all and expense to accomodate a vice, which, when each smoker looks deep inside themselves, they realy do not like the "smoking concept" but enjoy the feeling they get when smoking! I feel that if a company is will to invest in their employees monies would be well spent on something holistic which will benefit everyones wellbeing. I introduced a library in an organization, a topics discussion panel, (certain contentious topics were not permitted. We discussed everything, from why we pay taxes, to breastfeeding and constipation. The results were fantastic everyone bonded, even top management came to the canteen for their lunches.

The staff did not feel the need to walk round the shops anything to get away, taking your mind of the stress revives the mind, body and soul. Build the spirit and it will soar



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