All-in-One Credit Skills Course

By natashabovill, 20 August, 2010

Our All-in-One Credit Course is a comprehensive course that is a combination of accredited skills programmes. It focuses on the key
skills necessary for those of you already working or wanting to work in
a credit environment.

The Credit Skills Course consists of the following 5 valuable skills programmes:

  • An Introduction to Credit Management
  • Applying Credit Assessment Practices and Methodologies
  • Credit Control and Collections
  • Managing and Preventing Fraud in a Micro Finance Institution
  • The Legal Framework of Consumer Credit Management

Discover the background and development of the credit industry
specifically focusing on the micro lending sector. An introduction to
credit management outlines the laws and regulations governing the
sector as well as the ethical and professional standards governing the
industry. You will gain the knowledge and understanding of the
principles of profit, loss, supply, demand, sustainability and

Applying credit assessment practices and methodologies will equip you
to evaluate and process loan applications to assess potential clients
to determine their repayment ability and credit risk in providing micro
credit. Make loan allocation decisions and understand and apply the
loan disbursement process. You will find out how to implement an
effective loan repayment and collection process. Work with the systems
to manage the collection of loans and deal with problem loans.

Fraud today is a growing problem. You will gain knowledge of the
various types of fraud, evaluate the causes and effects of fraud, as
well as monitor, prevent and fight fraud in business. Practical tools,
case studies and examples of identifying and dealing with fraud are

Become skilled to deal with the provisions of the legal background
relating to credit management as well as the ethical and professional
standards governing the credit industry. Specific requirements of the
legal aspects in credit applications, assessments, credit decisions and
administering the credit agreement will be dealt with in full. At the
end of the programme you will be enlightened to the overall
implications of the National Credit Act, You will also have an
understanding of applicable laws and regulations such as The
Matrimonial Property Act, Insolvency Act, Basic Laws of Contracts,
Companies and Close Corporations.

The skills programme can be completed either by a 6 month distance
learning option or our 5 day/s classroom-based training. Learners will
be required to complete their assessments over a period of 6 months for
both options.

US ID NO. Unit Standard Title Level Credits
An Introduction to Credit Management
110028 Understand Micro Finance Business Principles. 3 12
13440 Understand the Legal, Ethical and Professional Needs of the Micro-Finance Industry.
Applying Credit Assessment Practices and Methodologies
13419 Calculate the repayment ability and assess the credit risk of potential clients. 3 21
110027 Recommend the financing decision and pay out the loan.
Credit Control and Collections
13424 Collect and Manage Loans. 3 8
Managing and Preventing Fraud in a Micro Finance Institution
13442 Manage and Prevent Fraud in a Micro-Finance Institution. 4 11
110026 Describe and Assist in the Control of Fraud in an Office Environment.
The Legal Framework of Consumer Credit Management
243122 Apply the legal requirements related to credit management. 4 5

If you would like more information about the All-in-One Credit Course, please contact us on: +27 21 888 6000 or [email protected] or visit

Compuscan Academy is a skills development & training provider who
delivers accredited training services to the corporate industry of
South Africa. Our wide variety of workshops & skills programmes can
also be customised to meet your business needs.



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