About this thing called 'productivity' ...

By gerritcloete, 4 September, 2010

Increasing productivity in the workplace is important - or is it?

I guess the answer depends on what we understand by "productivity" is one of those concepts like "time management" - we can't even properly define "time" yet want to "manage" it?

Is productivity just a ratio of "output" divided by "input"? Or does it include quality of life? And work/life balance?

Does it include having a happy workforce?

Is it "soft" or is it "hard"?

How do you measure it?

How do you know your people are more productive?

In the words of the popular song by Johnny Nash (from his 1972 album "I can see clearly now" - you been around then?!):

"There are more questions than answers

And the more I find out the less I know."

(Listen to it here: )

Please post your insights about:

  • how you define "productivity in the workplace"
  • what does increasing productivity in the workplace mean to you?
  • how would you measure productivity in the workplace?

Maybe we can get generate "more answers than questions"...

Gerrit Cloete

08 2 PERFORM (082 737 3676)



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