About Sincerity

By mirobagrov, 25 June, 2009

Sincerity can be defined as the act of expressing the truth about our thoughts and feelings, free of lies and double mindedness. It comes in many forms, one of which is honesty. If the sincerity of your words is questionable, then nothing you say will be trusted.

By saying what we do not mean we only become unsure, not realizing that it is that exact reason we are indecisive.
Our own thought process needs us to be sincere most of all, because our minds need firm sure knowledge on which to base decisions. Or else we would only lie to ourselves.
If you are not honest with your mind, then your decisions will be be mislead. Therefore, I noticed that those who are not sincere often cause trouble in their lives, since before we listen to a person we like to know does he say the truth.

Perhaps it might seem that if we say something we do not mean we could also gain something with our deception. This is not the case, since let us also consider the long term effects of not being truthful causes. It is not worth the pollution to our own way of thinking. Since those who are not sincere I notice also confuse themselves, until they no longer trust themselves. When we tell our colleague that we want him to succeed, we must mean it.

I would prefer to talk about these things that we all know rather than any latest science, since we need to constantly remind ourselves of the justification behind them. It feels worthless to me when a man can practice law, but can not also practice truth.

Therefore, when you say something, firmly stand to what you say, or else why say it? The result of deceit will do more harm than good. By that we can judge if what I say is true or not.

I challenge everyone to try to win in life the honest way, because it is not as if you need dishonesty to win.



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