A WSP workshop with a difference

By dessquire, 22 November, 2017

The Workplace skills plan (WSP) is intended to document skills needs in a company and to describe the range of skills development interventions that the company will use to address these needs. 

A WSP must be developed and submitted every year in order to comply with current Skills Development legislation. The WSP will normally be compiled by a registered skills development facilitator (SDF) and submitted to the SETA.  By complying with the legislative requirements a company is granted access to the various SETA grants available for skills training.

I am considering conducting some public courses with a view to addressing some of the areas of concern that have been brought to my attention. The purpose of this one day intervention would be to assist HR Practitioners and Skills Development Facilitators to understand their role and to help them with the development of a professional plan and with the completion of the required SETA documents.

In addition we would discuss a professional approach to skills development that would be unique to your organisation - your personalised corporate qualifications framework.

If you think there is a need for such a workshop please e-mail me with your personal contact information and I will let you have more information should I decide to proceed. You can mail me at [email protected].      




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