'A three letter problem'

By lynnmoss, 29 September, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
A three letter problem
Last week I went to the Cape Southern Sun Hotel...a very larny place. I went along with around 400 others, (plus business partner Jane De Sousa) as part of the 'Business meets Cape Cabinet' annual event of the Cape Chamber of Commerce.

Helen Zille and her band of merry men (yes, not one other woman in her Cabinet) allayed our fears and fielded our questions regarding the Western Cape's future in their culpable (sorry, can't spell capable!) hands.

They kept speaking about how business has to be innovative and creative! Hallelujah!!! Donald Grant, the Minister for Education admitted that any changes in education will take at least 15 years to filter through. That I understand.

What I don't understand is why our education system only focuses on the analytical, linear and rational left side of the brain and more or less ignores the right side where creative thoughts develop? Even in art, one of the few creative subjects, they give more marks for planning (left brain activity) than for what is designed and created!!!

Being passionate as I am about this subject I collared Mr Grant, shoved a business card into his hand, and told him that I would be delighted to help him to address this balance, so that our future generation in 15 years time will be able to be innovative and creative. I will keep you informed of further developments...hah!hah!hah!

Today's Right-brain teaser is 'A three letter problem'...

Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes are in a cab on their way to investigate another mystery when Holmes turns to watson, who is about to doze off, and asks him this simple question:
"Which three consecutive letters of the alphabet can be placed in front of the four letters 'TARY' in alphabetical order to spell a simple English word?"

Watson doesn't know. Do you?

All will be revealed tomorrow...

Right on...



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