A Model for Deep Level Change

By drwynandgoosen, 18 August, 2013

A Model for Deep Level Change (DLC)

1. Why change is needed

Shakespeare wrote that nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so. In light of a matrix based universe, where our reality is a result of our observation or intent, or consciousness, it is debatable whether change is needed? The basis of change is assumed – as part of the thinking that consciousness ought to improve and advance.

2. How to bring about change

Change could only really happen, with the introduction of true intent. The will to change, followed by a new way of viewing the world. Thus, change comes from, firstly, a changed mindset. Once the mind can conceive a new situation – any new situation, the universe realigns the particles & atoms to create the new reality.

Thus, as a new vision of a new reality is born, all that has to happen is the crystallization of the belief – the realignment of the particles in the matrix.
The speed at which the change takes place, is based on the degree to which the observer beliefs in it. If it is a forming belief, the reality will change slowly. If the change in belief is instantaneous, the change in reality will too.

3. Breaking the role of karma

According to Loweinstein (2005:18) the Sanskrit word karma means action or work. In Buddhism the term suggests much more. The word karma describes the effects of our thoughts and intentional actions on our minds, hearts and bodies. Our personal karma is a result of these actions. Thus is the law of cause and effect. That every cause will have an effect. However, actions like forgiveness, will also have an effect. This means that, although every action has an effect, the choice of causes are limitless – and has the ability to influence each other, based on the level of consciousness that accompanies them…

4. Advancing to the next level of evolution

In order for us to evolve, to grow and to advance towards soul perfection, we should be like any scholar, we should be able to graduate. How does one graduate from life? By learning the lessons that we should learn. By going through the experiences that the universe and our higher mind has placed in front of us. How often does it not happen to us that a life lesson that we thought we learnt, comes back only to be re-experienced? As the universe presents its lessons, it asks us to experience, to learn and move on. If we ignore or fail to learn, the lesson comes back to us, until we choose to learn. Only once we have learnt all the lessons do we advance, graduating to the next level and breaking the cycle of reincarnation.


5. How to change, step by step

In order to affect deep level change, access to the higher mind plays a vital role. As it is the consciousness that affects reality as we know it, the higher mind can, once accessed, be engaged to alter such reality. The altered reality will create as a result of an enhanced observation by the soul. In order to facilitate such change, a soul can engage in the following basic process:

* Start by introducing a mediation / hypnosis or trance state.

* During the state of relaxation, access is to be gained to the higher self.

* During access to the higher self, the soul can be guided by asking a series of questions, such “why am I here; what is my purpose?; what am I doing that impedes the process; how can I improve etc.

* A suggestion could be made to the soul to remember the proposed changes and answers in the conscious mind, thus affecting deep level change.


6. The benefits of deep level change as ultimate evolution

Change on the deep level means the soul can rid itself from stuck thoughts and limiting beliefs. The effects of such beliefs could be to trap the soul in the incarnate state, to return to earth again and again, as the experiences are not being penetrated. By understanding the need for and introducing the need for deep level change, the soul advancement is accelerated, and the need for incarnation reduced.

7. Conclusion

The development of the soul is dependant on the ability to go forward. The universe gives us lessons to learn, and if we learn them, we advance to the next level. If we don’t learn them, we keep coming back to the lesson until it is learnt. In our evolution, we sometimes get stuck in a thought pattern or belief system, thus creating (observing) the same experience over and over, life after life. Once we understand the lesson we advance to the next level. Deep level change is aimed at accessing the higher mind to consider the place we are at – as advancing souls. When we know where we are, and what we need to go further, getting there is easier. Only if we know what we don’t know, can we fix it. Until then, reincarnation is our only option at advancement.








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