A journey of passion, learning and adventure spanning 2,750 km in 33 days, from Cunene to Cape Town!

By ashwellglasson, 27 March, 2012

As learning professionals we often talk about learning as a structured, qualification-driven experience or perhaps an informal process than qualifies us by experience (QBE), well I think we have forgotten just how powerful adventure and personal challenges can be in driving intense learning about ourselves and the world around us. I know I have forgotten about how much setting a challenge of this scale could take me so much further within myself and in the value I add to this world and humanity. Sounds a bit cheesy, but learning is not always necessarily harnessed at building skills, but rather about our holistic growth and development as a human being. I have been reminded, no reawakened to this fact by a great friend of mine, Philip Dukas, who is at this very moment cycling 2,750km in 33 days, from Cunene to Cape Town. Undertaking a wonderful journey exploring the amazing terrain, landscape, people and wildlife and ending in our Mother City. More than just a cycling trip, its a personal immersion into the land and life. Follow Philip on his trip as he completes each leg and literal step on his way home on his bicycle. The opportunity for learning and personal growth at times like this are immense and often very intense and the build up to this moment in itself has been a process of preparation and intense self-reflection and our ability to remain motivated once the challenge begins.

Have a look at his trip, where the route is taking him: Philip Dukas's journey.



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