By chantelharris, 7 August, 2015

Tracy works for a well-known clothing label; the hours are long and her once pretty feet now looks like stale whole-wheat bread. She endures the harassment of pervy old men and she has come to learn that the customer is not always right. Tracy looks forward to month-end because then she gets employee discount, but what she really wants is to be valued for the work she does.

There are many Tracy’s out there. There could even be a Tracy in your store right now. She was once a star employee, who made many sales, but now she’s simply become demotivated. There are ways around this: Keep them happy. When employees become demotivated they are more likely to jump ship. There’s nothing wrong with getting a new employee, but training them is time-consuming and it also costs your store money.

Employee time vs. store time

Try to bring in work-flexibility. There are employees who perform better in the morning rather than at night. Find out what works for your employees and what does not, implementing this doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be rules and procedures in place, but it could make a great difference in the long run. Your employees will appreciate that you are taking the time to implement structures that will benefit them as well. If you should decide to implement more flexible hours you could take a look at their payment dates also. Have something in place that’s well in the means of the business of course and then set up debit order collections that could benefit them. Remember that employees have lives outside their job, if they want to make this work then they will.

Interaction with your employees

There is only one way to keep your employees schedule manageable, and that’s by talking to them. Don’t host formal meetings, but sought to meet in an informal manner. Get to know your employees by finding out what their personal lives are like outside of work. Some people may have second jobs or school to worry about; others may have hobbies that take up a lot of their free time. You may even find that their lives outside of work may benefit the company in some way.

You don’t necessarily have to become friends with your employee, but knowing what makes them tick could be your greatest asset. Make sure that their schedules aren’t getting between them and what they love to do. The last thing you want is resentment to brew on their.

A happy employee is an asset

You may not be able to please all your employees at all times, but you can strive for it. A happy employee is one who is most likely to bring in sales. By doing your best to accommodate your employee’s needs in terms of scheduling, accommodating and getting to know them, you have a better shot at keeping them happy. If you’re still not sure if you are on the right track, ask yourself, is this what I would like as an employee? Aim to bring about workplace happiness.




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