A Dream comes True.

By brianvmoore, 13 January, 2015

There is more to life than what we can see with our eyes.

A regal young Native American man stood before me and asked me if he could sing to me. Deep within my spirit I felt touched, I was in a place of peace that I had never experienced. Dream people, around us, faded away. It was just he and I, as he began to sing, in that majestic and mystical moment.

The song hung in the air like fragrant and colourful blossoms in the wind. It was strange and yet familiar. The tones resonated in his body and the room. It was at once beautiful and peaceful.

The song and the young man’s presence was still with me later on. I asked my wife, if she had enjoyed the singing as much as I did. She did not know what I was talking about. I racked my brain and questioned myself. Was it true? Did it happen?

The singer had come to me in my dreams during June 2001, whilst we were staying at the Roger Williams University in Bristol - RI, USA. My vision had him sing to me in a restaurant overlooking the sea. Somehow I couldn’t shake the reality from my mind. It was far too real to be a dream. At a deep level I knew that it had somehow happened.

I had never met a native American before, although my Africa-based meditations, had brought two such people to me as guides.

I am not one for dreams, nor one for sharing them. Yet I shared the story with Arthie and our new friend Nicole Woodruff. In a million years, I would never have believed what the future had in store.

Arthie, our tiny infant Lliam, Nicole, Sarah McLane, her daughter and I undertook a journey to Martha’s Vineyard. A beautiful and famous island on the East Coast of America. It was surreal. I felt like an actor in a play who was able to observe his own role from afar. The ferry, the islands, the people and the hot dogs were reminiscent of scenes from a romantic novel.

When we arrived at Gay Head we instantly made friends. We spoke awhile and shared a few gifts of South African beads amongst the young people. There was something very familiar about the restaurant. Later we moved outside onto the sundeck. There was a steep drop to the ocean. I began to feel a powerful feeling of deja vu. And I knew what had to happen next...

The handsome young Native American man came up to me and said softly, sincerely and humbly, "Thank you for this gift. I have nothing to give in return. All I have is a song for you..." He asked permission to sing..

The sounds and words welled up from deep inside him. His love for singing the words of his ancestors showed in his being. There was at once all of Nature and people around us. At the same time it was just me and the singer. I had been here before, in this place, with this young brave. I was uplifted beyond any place I had ever been. The very world and I seemed to resonate in unison.

He sang a song of gratefulness. Gratitude to Mother Earth and to Nature. A prayer of thanks for all that we have. The very breath that we breathe and the sun that warms our skin. Of the people in our lives and the wonders of the world.

It was a gift like no other. I was humbled and honoured. It was his gift of birth and culture. It was a sharing of youth, history and tradition. He told me his name was Noch-ge-hunk, meaning Chief of the Deer Hearted. With practice I pronounced it correctly and he was grateful for that.

The entire experience was like coming home after centuries of loneliness. For the first time one of my night-time dreams had come to pass. My universe has begun to speak to me in mysterious ways. I must listen, watch, wait and accept the lessons.



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