A different view from a 16 year old ?

By amandavandermerwe, 20 July, 2009

I've read the comments and Blog (HIV/Aids related issues) and commented myself on this very important issue. Needless to say that this will be an everlasting subject as long as the numbers grow and the true statistics will never be true to the actual reality.
Thus the reason why I have asked my 16 year old daugther to write something about her view on this subject and related issues such as sex and STD's. This will give us maybe a better understanding towards our new Generation and I would like to encourage teenagers to view their comments as well.
Hope you will find it interesting and maybe something positive can come from this...

Here is her comment:
Hi my name is Juanelle van der Merwe, and im 16 years old.
I have been taught about sex at the age of 10, in my Primary school that i have attended.
I have learnt that sex is when having intercourse with the opposite sex.
By having this, you are able to get HIV/AIDS, STD's, SDI'S, pregnancy and many more.
STD'S and STI'S spread around really easly by having sex or any other sexual relationship with one another. Some have a cure and some don't. Speaking of not having a cure, HIV/AIDS can NOT be cured!!!
Scientists are still working on it and will still be a while. HIV/AIDS is spread by sex, having infected blood mixed with your blood, kissing an infected person, raping etc...
There is such a thing as protection when having sex, but that protection is only 73% safe!
It does not protect you from HIV/AIDS also not against STD'S and STI'S.
My personal view towards all of this that i have learnt is do not sleep around and rape people. If you want to have sex, you and your partner should first go for a HIV/AIDS test just to be sure your both safe. It is your right to know whether your partner is safe or not.

This is my comment about sex and HIV/AIDS.
thank you.



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