A company’s assets are its people

By dessquire, 26 July, 2023

Much has been said about the impact of Covid-19 and the current state of our economy on the livelihood of so many people. People unfortunately have died, jobs are being lost, companies are restructuring and closing, employees are being retrenched and many workers are unsure as to what the future holds in store. What is of concern to me is the way in which companies are going about firing or retrenchment employees based on operational reasons or whatever other reasons they give. In many instances there is no proper consultation taking place or there is consultation after the fact. Decisions are made and the employees are being advised, what is going to happen. This is wrong as there must be consultation with employees prior to restructuring, retrenchment and believe it or not firing. However that is not my only concern at present. Of greater concern to me is the fact that the upper echelons of companies, the top managers who earn the big money and in many instances are the biggest liability in terms of payroll expenses, are making all the decisions about employees who in fact keep the businesses running. Perhaps the way to go is to embark on a salary restructure from the top down and a reduction in the number of job grades before any jobs are lost? Edited by skills-universe



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