Joe Samuels did a very good interview with CEDEFOP - the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training - on the NQF contribution to societal transformation. See YouTube video:

Hi all,

RevoQuest is a consulting company with SETAs experience helping new and developing SDPs with accreditations, finding assessors, moderators and learning material. We also help with new branch facilitations & management for expanding providers. For more details contact me on 083 313 0546.

There is a place for TVET colleges and there is a need for our youth to consider attending these colleges. Technical, Vocational, Education and Training Colleges or TVET colleges are different to universities in that they offer many of the essential courses to ensure the achievement of the skills and training needed that are essential to the South African Economy.

South Africa is in need of Educated, qualified and experience people with the right skills to assist in growing the economy.

Wishing all members of Skills Universe a blessed and very successful New Year. May you achieve all of your dreams and aspirations in the year ahead.

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For some, the mobile phone revolution has produced new work opportunities.
Reuters/Akintunde Akinleye

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and many blessings over the festive season. I trust the New Year will bring you much happiness and success. If you are travelling please do so safely and if we all obey the rules of the road we can assist in reducing the carnage. Be considerate of others as you travel.

I read with interest a section in a book by Johan Piper (Don't waste your life page 131/132) where he encourages us all to adopt a "wartime mentality" in approaching various areas and aspects of our lives. There is a battle currently being fought "between good and evil in every human heart"

The ANC conference will commence in the next 4 days and I would like to encourage all members of this forum, irrespective of faith or belief to join in prayer for the success of the conference.


I dont find anything on the actual notice periods required within learnerships on the DoL pages - and the little i have found seems to conflict.

Can anyone clarify if the notice periods are different on a lship from usual BCEA rules?