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I am also new at this. I have been in library and information services for seven years now. I really enjoy my job because I work with people and I'm involved in crisis management. I would like to hear from anyone who is open minded, serious about career development and knowlegdge sharing. I am happily married and have a lovely son.


Hi everyone! I am a risk management specialist, author of 42 books, my other home is I have a PhD in Risk Management. I mentor Masters and PhD students, restructure ailing organizations, host Enterprise-Wide Risk Management seminars around the world, run a few banking and risk management courses. The world is my play-ground and I love the game I play. Cherio!

Hi every one Iam very much thrilled by this new will create an equal opportunity for all of us.

I am an experienced ETQA practioner who previously worked for the ETDPSETA as a verifier of learner achievements for all skills proagrammes and qualifications accredited by the ETDP.Working with various providers accros the country was an eye opener for me, as I have realised that a lot needs to be done to capacitate providers with regard to assessments, moderations, uploading of learner records into the SAQA NLRD,etc.

Internships are available at Total SA working in the Shops, Food and Services Department.

A 12 month internship opportunity for youth with post-matric : Degree in Sales & Marketing/Business Management/Strategy Management

Interns will be placed within the Retail department and will gain practical experience in the Shops, Food & Services (SFS) department and multi-functional administrative duties.

The closing date is the 23rd of September 2020.

My blog on Labour Brokers produced a number of responses pointing out the benefits the TES (temporary employment service) provided – particularly flexibility. For short term needs, especially for smaller companies, a TES meets that need and does provide the opportunity for the “temp” to make show their value and obtain permanent employment. There will always be a need for “temp” staff – but are they the only solution?

There are other forms of flexibility.

Are you looking for a work opportunity? Find a labour broker. At least this is according to the argument put forward by the Democratic Alliance’s Anchen Dreyer.

In Tom Wolfe’s novel The Bonfire of the Vanities he outlines the greed and excess of Wall St in the 1980s. Financial players were making huge amounts of money and felt no responsibility for their actions. The movie Wall Street saw Michael Douglas immortalise the phrase ‘greed is good’!

The excess of the few has continued in more recent times, even as members of the public who are working for a reasonable wage are suffering under high prices, high interest rates, high fuel prices, and more.

For the second time Setas are required to apply for re-establishment. Given the frequent media reports on under-performing Setas, it’s worth asking some questions this time around, about who is making the decisions on which Setas should be re-established – or amalgamated - and on what criteria.

If Setas were to make the decisions, they might want to vote off the strongest link to avoid undue competition, alternatively they could vote off the Setas that are a constant source of embarrassment to them – a criticism of one is often expanded to a criticism of all.

This week in the Cosatu News, Fawu reported that : “A shop steward and employee of the Rainbow Chickens plant in Worcester, Zolani Newu, was suspended on Wednesday 4 March 2009 after wearing an ANC t-shirt to work.” (Dominique Swartz, FAWU media office, 6 March 2009)

Now it’s important to note that this is a food establishment – all employees are required to wear protective clothing in compliance with food safety regulations. So the clothing worn “to work” will be placed in a locker until going home time.