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Proudly South African Dave is an internationally recognized marketer, trainer, consultant, entrepreneur, professional speaker, and acclaimed author of the bestsellers ‘Up where you belong’ and ‘Have Be Do Anything you want’. Dave is a trusted member of the prestigious EMA International’s Global Facilitator Network™.

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My name is Angelo Del Fava,I am currently unemployed looking for positions in the Motor Trade or Any industry as a Skills development facilitator or as a Auto Electrical instructor/Training Officer.I am 53 years old and have extensive experience in the Motor trade some 31 years.Recently worked for a Company doing Workplace Skills plans,Annual Training Reports,EE Reports,BBBEE Complience etc. Reporting to all Seta's,but the company closed.

The Confederations Cup will attract visitors from the 8 participating countries and from soccer fans around the world.

South Africa, Italy, United States, Brazil, Iraq, Egypt, Spain, New Zealand

Carefully selected Volunteers from all groups of our society attended a three-day training workshop in Tshwane over the weekend to prepare for their key roles in welcoming visitors to the Confederations Cup in June 2009.

Has anyone heard of a course called "Certification in Employee Assistance Profession"? If so, who could I contact about enrolling for this course?

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Throughout the years, I've learnt a lot. Every time I made a mistake or wrong choice I took the positive. That's how you learn, making mistakes - if you don't make mistakes how can you grow? My motto in life is "you can", try everything (except Bungi Jumping and Sky Diving).

Presented by Dr John Mbuya on the 1st June 2009 in Midrand Johannesburg. Your local risk guru will be unpacking The Dynamics of Risk Management Strategies in the Real World. To book please go to Let's share the knowledge.

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I have never joint groups ever, if I say groups I mean mix it, face book, or chat rooms. But seeing that this is more of a Business side I thought well let’s try it out.

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I am currently living in Durban, South Africa. I have been in the HR field for the last 10 years and have recently been promoted to Total Quality Manager.

I have always loved interacting with people and solving conflict. I believe in keeping harmonious relations with all around me and ensuring that there is co-operation and interaction.

My motto is to shoot for the moon and even if I fail, at least I will be among the stars.

Morning all.

Yes I am new at this. I am a HR manager / Skills Development Facilitator / H&S Officer / Payroll administrator / Training officer at my company. Have been at my present company for 1 year and must say I love my work.
Anybody is welcome to drop me a message.