"As lower skilled and manual labor jobs decrease in availability, the education held by blue-collar workers is no longer adequate to obtain an ideal job. In order to adapt, these individuals have turned to higher education opportunities.

"This trend has caused a boon in the lower cost, more flexible education alternatives such that today, there are around the same number of people holding bachelor's degrees as there were people who held high school diplomas in 1950."

Is that scary, or what?

ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe has confirmed that the ruling party is discussing moving the Skills directorate from the Labour Department to the newly formed department of Higher Education and Training.

Speculation about moving the skills development initiatives that are run by the Department of Labour to the Education Department has been simmering for many years.

Mr President
11 May 2009
Harlan CA Cloete
On Saturday, May 9, my daughter and I were glued to the television set as we joined millions of South Africans to witness the inauguration of the 4th South African president. It also provided an instant opportunity for father and daughter to reflect on the road South Africans have travelled to realise their collective dreams. It made me feel immensely proud that the father of our nation, Nelson Mandela also graced the event with his presence.

It is in times like these that we need to look, to our children, for the kind of lessons that will sustain us, and our businesses.

I recently rigged up a 25 metre, three-rope bridge, between one tree and another. Our 8 year old boy, Lliam, looked at the bridge and whooped with delight. Within seconds he was up the tree and on to the bridge. He soon worked out his balance, and how to place his feet. Within in minutes he was in the 2nd tree.

One of the most amazing things that I have observed, time and again, in our transformational team building programs - is how easily some people give away ownership for their lives. In so doing they destroy themselves, their relationships and groups that they belong to.

Being new to this site I was wondering what people on this site are looking for. I'm aware that trainers/facilitators/managers are extremely busy, so you're not just on here to kill some time...
So what problem would you like to have solved today, tomorrow, next week?

Are you looking for training resources, questionnaires, tools, cartoon pics, more time, better facilitators, a training venue, etc.?

What is your biggest need today?

This article at my collegesandcareers.com makes the connection that the majority of parents who are working full or part-time are the same parents who are living below the poverty level. The article places online education as quite a good way for both parents and their children to get cheaper and more accessible education.

I have learnt to work very hard in the things I'm passionate about. As I do, they become fun and no more hard work because of pursuit of passion and I truly enjoy what I do as the life I live and I hope you too will - the joy of life is in realizing passionate things you pursued. Charles Obi Obiorah

In these challeging times that the world economy faces, it places additional pressure on companies to create motivating environments within the organisation. It becomes a huge management task to maintain the motivational level as they are faced with retrenchments, redundancy, etc...

It seems as if the money or organisation is spending on mass media is just not earning the same return on investment as our one-on-one efforts which yield far greater (and long term) results. It is becoming more difficult to cut through the clutter where everyone is clammering to be seen and heard but when you engage in a scheduled meeting where you get to sell yourself only, your adience is much more receptive. Just a lot slower! Any suggestions?


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