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Dear Skills Universe Members, Training Providers

We are gearing up for a very interesting session with the DHET Directorate and have been listing various concerns and misunderstandings over the past couple of months which have been experienced by various providers nationwide.  Nigel and I would like to address important concerns, difficulties, obstacles experienced from Training Providers with the DHET and get possible solutions in order to help this process be streamlined.

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Just received from ETDPSETA:

You are kindly invited to the INDICIUM MIS training workshop that will be held at Sci-bono on the 6th & 7th September 2017.

Kindly ensure that at least two representative of your organisation is equipped with notepad and a pen.

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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) will become a key component of all accredited and non-accredited education and training. Depending on the purpose of the learning intervention, the needs of the students/learners and the learning context, here are examples of ways in which MOOCs can be used:
• As completely new programme offerings, integrated into an existing programme, added to current content, to replace existing content or even to replace modules
• To enrich e-Learning programmes

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Dear Private Training Providers (Skills Development Providers) in South Africa,

Following our submission of concerns to the Minister regarding Registration of SDP's with DHET, we have received an official reply.  It is with great pleasure to share with you the favorable outcome from the Minister of Education: Dr Nzimande, an announcement that will finally bring  relief to providers nationwide.  We attach the letter received today, for your ease of mind, to share with others who are still unaware of the compulsory registration with the DHET, and to give some relief.

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I write this verse to say to all

All women who might read

That you are loved and treasured

Despite what you might feel

We sometimes fail to let you know

How proud we are of you

We treat you like you don’t exist

We fail to recognise

We take for granted all you give

And all you do for us

We treat you like a lesser being

Because you are a woman


This is not right, it can’t be so

All men must now wake up

And recognise what God has given

Is equal in every way

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It would appear that many of those providers who applied for registration with DHET and received evaluation reports dated before 19 June 2017, are not aware that the Registrar has suggested that the applications be re-evaluated according to the new criteria. This request has to be submitted by the provider to DHET. Many of the evaluation reports contained criteria where CC's were not accepted and Accounting Officer Reports were rejected. DHET is now accepting these, as well as amending the requirements regarding OHS Certification, Surety and Prospectus/Calendar/ Brochure.

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Gender transformation and gender equity is still problematic in South Africa. To the best of my knowledge the Gender Equity Bill missed its deadline in 2015 and nothing much has happened since then (correct me if I am mistaken please).

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What is Customer Service?


I personally pride myself in good , quality customer service. I find it vitally important to all businesses.


There are certain elements that makes customer service work for both the consultant and customer at hand.

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Concluding remarks from the above article - your comments would be most welcome. Is RPL alive and are the RPL objectives been met?

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution demands a fundamental rethink of Workforce Planning and Skills Development strategies. The South African Post-School Education and Training (PSET) system requires a re-examination of the ingrained beliefs about how to prepare the workforce for 2030, to “eclipse the old paradigms of education”. (Marius Oosthuizen in Acumen, GIBS Business School, Issue 20, 2017)


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