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by John Botha: COO of Global Business Solutions

It is envisaged that the amendments to the Employment Equity Act (EEA) will be promulgated in early 2020. These amendments are currently being debated by the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC). The EEA draft amendments give the Minister the right to implement these targets and to preclude designated employers who are unable to achieve these from accessing public sector tenders.

With the Department of Trade and Industry now having been combined with that of Economic Development, ex-Minister of Trade and Industry – Rob Davies – has been replaced with Ebrahim Patel. As one of his last official duties, Davies saw the Amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice being gazetted on 31 May. What the amended codes stipulate have substantial implications for your organisation’s B-BBEE strategic and planning processes.

It’s now not so easy to get B-BBEE points for learnerships

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Employment Equity, Diversity and Transformation (EEDT) Practioners' Forum presents an
EE Workshop: 15-16 May 2019

Ensuring full EE Plan Practical Compliance
and More…

An opportunity to learn practically how to ensure full EE Compliance, prepare for a D-G review and minimise your EE fine risk.

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I have observed that not all those who do not complete their Master's degree at any university can be regarded as having failed. As a matter of fact, completion of a Master's degree needs a proper collaboration between student and supervisor; student and employer; student and family; and finally, student and self!



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Thinking Tools as medium of education and learning relies on THINKING instead of on memorizing.

When a learners marks in an electric subject improved for 15% to 64% and disciplinary challenges disappear, Thinking Tools cannot be ignored.See this easy to read report by Dr Muavia Gallie on a Schools Turnaround Foundation Project in the Western Cape, South Africa.

You can contact me on [email protected]

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The constitutional court has recently – for all practical purposes, legalised the private use of cannabis. What the Constitutional Court confirmed is that citizens have the right to cultivate, possess and use cannabis in private.


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