9 Ways to take care of yourself

By TerenceStoker, 1 January, 1970


Imagine you're on your deathbed and you're 80 years old. And you have a second chance to come back to life right at this moment. What would you do with your time? Would you choose to take better care of your health? Would you spend more of your time playing with your kids rather than working on a Saturday? Would you buy the ticket to Paris instead of investing in a depreciating asset? The way you spend today will impact the quality of your life. And you should spend it wisely.

Be responsible

The best way to take care of yourself is by being responsible. Time management, spending money responsibly, looking after your health all have an impact on the quality of life. The more responsible and accountable you are for your life the less stressed out you’ll be. So only buy the things you can afford, eat healthier food, build schedules and routines that work for you and don’t over-promise. Do what you say you’ll do and be consistent in every area of your life and you’ll likely be happier.

Take care of your well being:

Find solitude

Find a quiet place to rest your mind. Sometimes you might find yourself lost in the hustle and bustle of your life. Between work, chores, making time for loved ones and exercising it can feel like you’re being pulled in too many directions at once and you never have enough time for yourself. Find a space where you can just let go and recharge, whether it's taking a hike up on the mountain, going for a swim, spending time in the garden or just simply switching off your phone. Your body and mind need to recuperate once in awhile and as they say, silence is golden.

Spend quality time with loved ones

Unplug and switch off from work and spend time with family.  If you have a demanding job it can be tempting to live, breathe and eat your job but it's important to take a break. Spend time with family and friends by eating out at a restaurant, hiking, or go bowling (whatever suits your fancy) it's important to make memories. If you’re a workaholic ask your family to grab your laptop away from you. If you never make time for your loved ones and you’re always busy juggling work activities, you’ll find time slipping away. And before you know it your children will be grown and your friends will be strangers.

Watch a movie/tv series

Being entertained for a few hours by your favourite show or movie is a great way to escape and unwind. When you get lost in a movie you'll get to be engrossed in someone's life for a few minutes (even if it's fictional) and it will take you away from any stress you may have in your life.

Take care of your body

Watch what you eat

You should monitor what you eat. A healthy lifestyle will prevent diseases and can even impact how much energy you have in the day. Instead of grabbing a coffee for a pick me up during work you could eat foods which contain natural energy boosting ingredients.   Eating bananas, whole wheat bread, lemon, oatmeals during the day will help recharge your body's batteries.

Don’t sleep with your makeup

Sleeping with makeup on clogs your pores and prevents your skin from breathing. And this could leave you with breakouts. Washing your face every night is a tedious task but you need to do it. And the other thing you shouldn’t neglect to do is wash your makeup brushes, this important as makeup brushes contain dirt and bacteria which can be harmful for your skin.

Wear sunscreen

Make sure you wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. exposing your skin to harsh sun rays can burn your skin and age you. Sun damage to your skin can cause wrinkles and in severe cases skin cancer.

Moisturise your skin

When the season change you exchange your clothing. Shorts and vests are traded for jerseys, scarves and boots. So why don’t you swap your moisturiser too? In winter your skin needs a heavier, oilier moisturiser than the one you use in summer because your skin is prone to being more dry. Choose a lotion like Ingram’s as it’s luxuriously nourishing, rich and will soothe tight, dry skin.


If you want to be happier, have more energy and add years to your life, then a good workout routine is the answer. Exercise combats health conditions, keeps you fit and boosts your mood.

The way you live your life will impact you in the long run. You might not see the result immediately but it will catch up with you. Take care of yourself, mind, body and soul, and you won’t live to regret it.



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