By drkingcosta, 23 January, 2014

1. CHARACTER: the coach must have high ethical principles. Coaches must be willing to do what is right, regardless of the consequences.

2. COMPETENT: coaches should have the knowledge of the subject - that is appropriate for the level at which they are coaching. Coaches should be innovative, not just rely on old, worn out coaching techniques and strategies. Coaches must remember that they are human and be willing to admit it when they have made mistakes.

3. COMMITTED: coaches must believe in the vision and the goals that are to be accomplish. Coaches must have a passion for the job and for doing what is best in their roles. Coaches must be willing to put in the time and effort required to develop others.

4. CARING: care about your clients. You are a part of their lives, at least for a while, and must let them know you care or them as people - not just or their money. So my clients you know now that its not just or your money - its about you and attainment of results.

5. CONFIDENCE BUILDER: coaches should help individuals set high but realistic expectations and then help them to achieve them. 

6. COMMUNICATOR: be proactive-fix the small problems before they become big problems. Learn to be a good listener - you expect your clients to listen to you, so listen to them! Remember, the strength of COACHING is in two-way conversations. 

7. CONSISTENT: clients and team members are much more comfortable when they know what to expect from their coach. Treat every client or team member the same way - don't play favourites, don't single out any one for criticism. Note that being consistent does not mean being rigid, you should practice flexible consistency.



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