By karenhardman, 22 November, 2011

With a passion for providing customised Leadership Solutions, 360People has assisted a wide variety of clients with the developed of their Leadership Teams.  Karen Hardman can be contacted on [email protected] or 082 883 0332 for further details on some of the customsed solutions available.


High Performance Team Development

Your organisation’s challenge of sustaining a high performance culture is dependent on the extent to which synergies can be achieved through teams……high performance teams.

As organisation’s rise to the challenges of the speed of change, the ever increasing demands from customers, increased technological sophistication and competition, the challenges that come with globalisation - effective teamwork can add significant value and bottom-line returns. Teams who optimise their strengths and synergies cope and achieve performance breakthroughs more effectively than groups of individuals.


The importance and value of team development

  • A sense of belonging and ‘feeling good’ about working in a team accounts for 20 to 30 % of business performance Working with a team leader can facilitate the group norms that build trust and a sense of group identity for members

    Team work produces creative solutions
  • Group decision making produces buy-in among the people who must implement decisions
  • Teams can enlist more information and know-how by tapping into the networks of their many members
  • Teams create better communication and collaboration within the organisation

These advantages of team development flow from the synergy of the members combined competence, experiences and diversity. All staff share the desire for greater feelings of involvement, ownership and participation. Team
development therefore feeds fundamental human needs for membership and acceptance in a group and frees individuals to express themselves and their talents to the best of their ability, thereby achieving and sustaining high

360People provide customised high performance team development solutions typically designed to suite a group and organisations unique requirements. The solution process typically consists of:

  • Assessment of the team’s context, level and dynamic, including the EQ of teams, functioning. This may include various assessment tools including psychometric, competence, and 360 feedback
  • Team development solution design that combines the business agenda and objectives of the team, nature and stage of development
  • Facilitated process of integrated business relevant activities delivered over a period of time
  • Support with integration of the high performance team development process with the business cycle and key human capital processes.




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