3 Qualities to look for in Health and Safety Officers

By chantelharris, 18 March, 2015

The health and safety department in a company oftentimes operate in the background, as revenue-generating practices enjoy most of the attention on a daily basis. It should never be forgotten, however, that the health and safety of staff are as important as other operations.

The persons responsible for ensuring a safe and pleasant working environment would be health and safety officers. While it goes without saying that these people would need the necessary qualifications to perform their jobs, there are three qualities to look for when employing health and safety officers that’ll ensure a business scores full marks when it comes to health and safety standards.


The person at the helm of a health and safety department should be committed to the company, as any employee with the company’s best interests at heart will always strive to do what’s right. This is a valued trait in a department that could impact greatly on the productivity and workforce of a business.

To ensure that the health and safety officer stay committed, conduct regular reviews and catch-ups, as should be done with all staff members. This prevents an employee from becoming disgruntled and disconnected, which could easily lead to mistakes or half-hearted efforts. Both could damage the business equally.


There can be no confusion among staff when it comes their and their colleagues’ health and safety, so the health and safety officer has to be consistent with their messages and actions. This could be as simple as conducting regular fire drills, so that employees know what to expect and do in the event of a fire.

Someone who values consistency would also be more likely to keep up with industry standards and regulations, so as to keep to the law, and this is of course vitally important to keep staff safe.


A health and safety officer should communicate openly and clearly with all stakeholders when it comes to the operating and physical conditions of a business. This ranges from issuing notices about new regulations to notifying staff about site dangers.

Health and safety officers should also make it their business to encourage transparency among staff, as it is the only way to eliminate dangers, correct errors and prevent them in future. 


Together these three qualities would make anyone applying for health and safety jobs a very good bet for any company. Determining whether they are indeed present, is as easy as asking the right questions in the interview.





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