Education Stationery Burden

January is the time where parents are excited to get the kids back to school and out of their hair.

However, the long await brings forth the stress of forking out costs for stationery, school uniform, PE gear and some others which we try to place on the back burn til’ the end of the month for payday.

This is when reality has hit, that the economy does not cater for parents who have to pay for school uniform(new year new shirts, socks,shoes), pay for stationery(books,copy paper,pens,crayons,markers,files,wrapping,plastic,brown paper), pay for text books(one text book per subject), pay school fees( 15th January), pay for extra mural(lessons,swimming,sport), pay for school transport(combi,bus).

This got me thinking how education is such a money making scheme of note. Yes, we want the best education, but the expenses benefits who? the country? our kids themselves to be successful?

Should the government not be supplying the text books to all school? Should pencils not be supplied by the schools and there after the parents must supply their children with new ones.

How did we become so burdened by expenses? How did we become so accepting of our burdens imposed on us as tax paying citizens.

I remember when I was at primary school we got supplied all our material. The only we paid for was the uniform.

In high school we got text books past down from previous students to make use of them and so pay it forward.Now it is buying new text books every year, negotiating with parents selling their kids text books. It is ridiculous!!!!

January is a recovery month for most families and we wonder why the stress and depression has hit our families so high. The cost of living is exceeding the joy of living.

“Januworry” is becoming a true meaning, to being positive for a new year with new beginnings.

School policies need to change to make uniforms accessible



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