Termination & notice time period for learnerships 1


I dont find anything on the actual notice periods required within learnerships on the DoL pages – and the little i have found seems to conflict.

Can anyone clarify if the notice periods are different on a lship from usual BCEA rules?

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One thought on “Termination & notice time period for learnerships

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Hi Melanie,
    For clarification – are you asking about when a Learnership agreement is terminated before the full period?
    Learnership agreements for unemployed 18(2) learners are effectively fixed term contracts – that is the duration of the Learnership. Therefore, the contract automatically terminates on that end date.
    So from my understanding, the only time one would want to have a notice period is when a termination is before that end date. To terminate a Learnership contract before the end date would be for a serious reason, related to the employer circumstances, or serious misdemeanour from the Learner, which may well justify a summary dismissal without notice..