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Predatory publishers are vultures feeding on academics’ worries about output and incentives. Ondacaracola/Shutterstock Sioux McKenna, Rhodes University Every day academics wade through emails riddled with spelling errors promising almost immediate publication of their research. These publications assure the reader that they can skip the tough realities of rejections and revisions. […]

Why developing countries are particularly vulnerable to predatory journals

With the inflation rate not stopping its upward creep, the price of goods and services naturally must increase to keep up with this. Thus, during wage negotiations, and resulting wage settlement talks, it is necessary to ensure that these discussions are very carefully handled. At our recent Annual Labour Law […]

Wage Settlement Update 2017

Becoming an Effective Management Meta-Coach! The aim is to develop an individual’s performance by unlocking their capabilities through guided conversation and questioning. The participation of the individual being coached (the coachee) in arriving at solutions is an essential part of the coaching process. We are talking about something different to […]


The Workplace skills plan (WSP) is intended to document skills needs in a company and to describe the range of skills development interventions that the company will use to address these needs.  A WSP must be developed and submitted every year in order to comply with current Skills Development legislation. […]

A WSP workshop with a difference