DHET application for Registration – What is your CONCERN??? 2

Dear Skills Universe Members, Training Providers

We are gearing up for a very interesting session with the DHET Directorate and have been listing various concerns and misunderstandings over the past couple of months which have been experienced by various providers nationwide.  Nigel and I would like to address important concerns, difficulties, obstacles experienced from Training Providers with the DHET and get possible solutions in order to help this process be streamlined.

We are requesting your feedback in any concerns that you might have.  What possible suggestion/recommendation would you have in order to have a better understanding of requirements?

This meeting will be very important, and we would address concerns and suggestions, so that we can work with the DHET.

All we request, is a couple of minutes of your time, to give some input, feedback, so that we can take this to the DHET and present this to them.  If you want change and you strive to make a difference, please support us in this journey.

Important Notice:

  1. The DHET application for registration cannot be emailed, it must be delivered in hard copy
  2. With each application is supporting documents that you need to include with your application (mark it clearly)
  3. Ring-bind your application please – this is a request from the DHET
  4. Any document that is a copy, must be certified by a SAPS Commissioner
  5. You must include proof of payment within your application (R500,00 paid to DHET)
  6. Complete the application in full, with all the supporting documents!
  7. Try your best to comply and adhere to this stipulation, let us work with the DHET (not against them)
  8. Yes, this is frustrating to comply with various SETAs and Councils with all the different requirements, however this application for registration is crucial – don’t delay this.

Should you not want to add to this discussion, but would rather email us, please do so!!

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2 thoughts on “DHET application for Registration – What is your CONCERN???

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Hi Deidre, yes many providers have received:
    1. Acknowledgement of Receipt (this is the first letter which indicates your file number)
    2. Evaluation letter whereby the DHET indicates that further documents are required whereby you will be given another deadline (3 months).

    The acknowledgement letter, which is the first letter that you receive takes anything from 6-10 weeks (this depends if you receive this via email or the very delayed postal services), which is a huge concern at the moment.

  • Deidre Heuvel

    Would like to know if any training providers have received feedback re their submission docs to DHET? I sent our docs on the 22nd of June and also have sent subsequent emails but have had no feedback to date. Am I too hasty in expecting feedback so soon and if you can advise what is DHET’s turn around time?