Assisting Skills Development Providers in South Africa with DHET application for registration 4

We use simple yet, practical ways in implementing various procedures/processes/techniques to make your administration nightmares something of the past. Implementing Quality Assurance in the ETD Environment (getting back the basics in your administration and streamlining the way we work), simplifying your processes and procedures, building relationships with SETA/QCTO/DHET. Monitor and Review QMS but not limited to design new QMS or improvement of existing QMS. Conducting internal and external evaluations/verifications/monitoring of ETD Providers in terms of given criteria and/or quality assurance principles for a variety of purposes including but not limited to accreditation applications, development of accreditation processes, improvement of provision. Plan, prepare, conduct, evaluate, analyze, verify, interpret reports with regards to the Provider’s quality assurance systems for learning provision and assessment. Report findings as well as make recommendations. Consulting Accredited Training Providers preparing for verifications of Skills Programmes / Learnerships / Qualifications and assisting the process to achieve best practice. Assisting in applications for registration to the DHET, applications for accreditation to the QCTO and much more.

Applications for registration with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) is open to all providers. This is compulsory and all accredited training providers must register. Let’s all adhere and comply in order to assist the DHET in their fight to close-down bogus/fly-by-night providers that is damaging our industry.

If you are a private training provider and you are accredited with a SETA or QCTO for any qualification, part qualification or even a single unit standard registered on the SAQA NQF, you are required to Register with DHET. There is currently no deadline set, and applications are open until such time as the Minister of Education has set a new date. Don’t be caught at the last minute, take the time to register now. The penalties for non-registration are quite harsh, and with the new criteria implemented by DHET, there is now no reason for non-compliance. Nigel Shipston and I are available either here on LinkedIn, Skills Universe or at to give guidance and assistance as you may require.

For those currently busy applying for registration with the DHET, good luck with your submission!

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4 thoughts on “Assisting Skills Development Providers in South Africa with DHET application for registration

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Hi Robert,
    Congrats on your accreditation! The application form and guidelines are found on the DHET website. Click on Resources, then under Documents click on Forms. Scroll down to Forms 2008. The 3rd and 4th pdf document! Application form for the Registration of Private FET College (FPX-01) and the Guide for completing the Application for Registration as a Private Further Education and Training College (FPX-01). Please bear in mind that you need to comply with the latest acts and regulations. You do not need to register with Umalusi.

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Providers, please when submitting your application for registration to the DHET, please make sure that you clearly indicate an email address on the first page of the application – if no email address is seen, then the DHET will post your letter. The postal services is delayed by weeks/months!!!