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A heads up to all Material Developers – When you develop materials, please also note that several SETAs now require a separate Moderator guides for every Unit Standard, not a generic one such as was accepted previously AND in some cases pre assessment moderation reports for every Unit Standard – The materials developer should be aware of SETAs latest requirements for materials – especially the ServiceSETA changed twice in 2 years.
And for instance we have found the following to be true for SSETA and ETDP –
ETDPSETA requires pre-assessment moderation of the learning materials (learner guide and assessment tools, that is, portfolio with formative and summative assessment activities together with the alignment matrix) to be moderated to ensure the materials appropriately and adequately meet the specific outcomes, assessment criteria and range statements of the individual unit standards. This means the moderator should interpret these aspects and ensure that that the assessment activities are at the correct level of Bloom’s taxonomy.

The purpose of pre-assessment moderation of materials is to ensure upfront that the assessment tools are designed correctly. If this is not the case, it may happen that learners complete a qualification and the portfolios only for the provider to discover that requirements were not met, leading to non-certification of learners because of shortfalls in the assessment tools.

The moderator should be a subject matter expert in the qualification for which the materials are moderated. So please add these into your Qualifications, people like us who are a Hub for Accreditation and Material need everyone to come on board with this. Clients are willing to pay for this believe you me and we insist on this when they purchase. Thank you! (Thanks Marie Smith for your clarification on this)

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