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Dear esteemed colleagues! We are assisting an in house Training Service provider to set up an internal training division, that will also serve the public within their area of expertise. I am out of touch with HR Job descriptions for what is needed for a Training Service provider to efficiently run a small division at first. Can anyone help? Mail me with your advice? Or pop it here for everyone to have a learning curve!

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At the centre of my business is a practice of stillness and authenticity. I am in this business to upskill people for a sustainable future. To encourage skills development that care for our planet, people and all its diversity Through this deep knowledge of self I bring to the classroom consciousness in Facilitation and Consistent well written course material. I endeavor to make any soft skill or business skill given to me an experience beyond what the material dictates. I have a full repository of already written material available that you can contact me for. I also provide Accreditation Services. Being conscious of your actions from within simply makes good business sense now.

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4 thoughts on “Job Descriptions for a Training Provider

  • Des Squire

    Hi Tasss, on the OFO version 2015 I sent you havea look at the information given for codes 2015-121202. this will give you the description “Plans, directs, organises, controls and coordinates training policy, provides advice, training and administrative support to trainers and learners”. The areas you need to be looking at are under codes 2015 – 1212 etc. under the heading complete OFO at the bottom of the spreadsheet. All the 2015’s are managers of one sort or another. Hope this assists – if not give me a call on 0828009057. I will be busy from 12 till 4pm.

  • Des Squire

    Hi Tass, most of the current job descriptions are covered in the Organising Framework for Occupations (OFO’s) as made available by the SETAS. This is now the guideline that companies are expected to make use of and used by most HR practitioners. I am not sure exactly what you are looking for when you say you need a job description for a service provider who runs a small business as this can be included in many of the management descriptions contained in the OFO’s. I will send you a copy of the last OFO info I have and you can check this out. Good luck.