Correction DHET Budget Summary SETAs & NSDS III extended to 2020 2

Today – 16 May 2017 Higher Education and Training Minister Nzimanded presented his budget to parliament. Thanks to the Minister’s concept of Post-school Education and Training, we can report on developments at each level.
First skills development – the SETAs and the NSDS III are extended until 1 31 March 2020. Remember we had our NSDS I from 2000 to 2005, then NSDS II was extended until 2012, and now NSDS III is extended until 2010. (Initially we had extension until 2018.) However, the Minister did point that the SETA Boards might not be extended.
What I am not clear on is how this fits in with the ETQAs (QAPs) collapsing back into the QCTO – remember they have a delegated authority to carry functions from the QCTO.
I also did not see (may need closer reading) any mention of registration of private providers.
NSFAS funding for students – over 2 million funded since 2013 – that is quite something. Now we need to find funding for the “missing middle” – the Minister was thankful for what private sector had provided. Then we also need to concencrate on the throughput – reducing the drop-out rate of university students.
That may be taken care of from 2018 – in the UCDP Capacity Development of historically disadvantaged universities – but one suspects that in fact all universities should be applying their minds to this.
TVET – the Minister has already started on the capacity-building of TVET lecturers and staff, and more colleges are planned – as are community colleges.
As well as new colleges, infrastructure projects with Public Works are to provide student housing, also laboratories, and communication technology developments.
Certification – a blot on the landscape – still has a priority – but really blots the Minister’s copy book!
The HRD Strategy I understand is being discussed at NEDLAC – the Minister mentioned that the 2010 – 20130 document needs to be updated, and thanks Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa for his chairing of the HRD Council.
For a detailed reading of the budget speech please see: DHET Minister budget speech

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2 thoughts on “Correction DHET Budget Summary SETAs & NSDS III extended to 2020

  • Sylvia F. Hammond Post author

    Hi John, I have a document from the Portfolio Committee – it is large so I will send it to you via email – it’s not exactly what you want – when I get hold of that I will post it – but this does have some figures in it.